Cloud Based Application Solutions

TSSI is committed to developing and delivering the best cloud based solutions built upon Amazon Web Services (AWS)®. AWS® allows our Clear Stratus applications to be highly available, scalable, flexible and secure. Each application is designed to be mobile responsive and fully integrated with each member application.

ASP.NET Web Application Development

At The Systems Specialist we utilize one of the world's MSFT_logo_rgb_C-Gray_Dmost popular web development environments, ASP.NET.  ASP.NET is built on top of Microsoft's .NET framework and provides a secure, scalable, and robust environment that allows us to build a wide range of applications no matter how complex.  Our applications live up to the most demanding standards across all industries.

Write Once, Run Anywhere

By adopting Responsive Design and the latest web standards, our applications can run responsive_web_designacross a multitude of devices ranging from desktops to mobile devices without the need to install anything on the client.  All you need is a web browser. Users will see updates across all platforms instantly without the headache of updating or downloading.


We make use of Microsoft SQL Server to supplement our application development.  Bylock-2 utilizing best industry practices our databases are designed to run efficiently and keep your data secure and sanitized.  Data is the backbone of your company, and it needs to be readily available and accurate.  You'll never lose sleep at night over whether your information is safe.

The Right Choice

Let's create something together.  The Systems Specialist is a perfect solution for all of your custom development needs.  Our experts will be there with you every step of the way to build your next generation application.  Contact us.